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First create a BlockChain Wallet


1.  First create your FREE BlockChain wallet

2. Complete the form, which looks like the one below.

3. When you click on Continue you will be taken to your wallet created for you.
4. You will also receive an email as below from

5. Click on Verify Email, and you will be taken back to your Blockchain wallet

6.  Now click on Get Started

7.  To obtain and send someone your Wallet address click on the Receive Button

8. The number under the “Copy and Share” text is your Wallet address you require for all payments you will receive.
9. Please send Highway this address for your first BTC deposit payment, to be able to immediately pay your sponsor and start earning.
10. You will also need to enter this address into your Zar Fund account for receiving all donations in the future from member below you.

NB!!!    The address you receive in your email is your Login ID, which they refer to as your Wallet Identifier see below. This is not your Bitcoin ID


Secondly – Signing up with Zarfund


  •  Click here to goto Zarfund Registration Proccess
  • Enter a Username, Password, and the other details requested (Can use any Username)
  • Cell number – start with +27 and then put in the  last 9 numbers of your cell phone number. e.g. +27831234567
  • Think of a security question. e.g. what is your dogs name
  • Click on the block on the left of ‘I am not a robot’ and follow the prompts if give any
  • Then click ‘Create Account’
  • You should see ‘Your account has been created’
  • Click on ‘Log In’
  • Sign into your account by putting in your username and password and clicking on the block on the left of ‘I am not a robot’ and follow the prompts, if give any
  • Click on ‘Sign In’
  • You should now be in your ZarFund back office
  • Now go to the notes on how to make your first payment – and make your first payment



Thirdly – Make your first payment

Look for your email which is sent after your wallet is created – looks like this

Your wallet identifier is your login name, and not your BTC wallet number used for transactions.
Click on Verify Email to verify, then click on click on your Wallet identifier to log in. You should see

Type in your password and Sign in – it may request that you click a confirmation link in an email the system will send you, in this case do not close the browser but find the email and click on it, and then go back to your open browser window.

You should then come to the main screen that looks like this with 0.0302 BTC put into your wallet by Highway

You will find 0.0302 BTC in your wallet to be able to make your first payment to your sponsor. Should you need Bitcoin to make the transaction, you will need to send Highway your Wallet address, to be captured in Zar Fund to receive payments go to..

Keep your wallet opened and also open in another tab.
To make your first payment within
Login and from your dashboard click on Upgrade


Click on Add your bitcoin wallet and capture your website being used for your wallet (recommened being

Now also paste your Wallet address and secret password.

After this go back to dashboard and select Upgrade again.

Look for your sponsors wallet address and copy it, the number above ending in TK

Change back to your Blockchain wallet account and select

And paste the wallet ID, and pay 0.03 like this

Click Next Step
You will get a confirmation page, select SEND

Your transaction should then show successful

Now sign out of your wallet – top right of screen
Now click on the home button

Look for the Search area in middle of screen

Past your sponsors wallet id in here

Click search
This brings up the last transaction for this wallet together with the transaction number which you need to copy for ZAR Funding

This is the long number on top = in this case
Now go back to the Zar Funding page and scroll down till you find

Paste in the transaction ID and the exact amount transferred 0.03

Click Submit, then an OK will be displayed, then an option to refresh.
Your donation is complete, now all you can do is monitor your dashboard.

You will see this when clicking on upgrade again.
The system will prompt you when next to do something via email and via your dashboard.