What is Zarfund & Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin & ZarFund

What is Zarfund:
Zarfund is a person to person donation system that trades in Bitcoin. It is a scam free program which has been verified by many online scam sites. Zarfund works on the basis of a matrix which is a 2×6 (6 levels).
Level 1 – 2 members
Level 2 – 4 members-(6 members total)
Level 3 – 8 members-(14 members total)
Level 4 – 16 members-(30 members total)
Level 5 – 32 members-(62 members total)
Level 6 – 64 members-(126 members total)
Once you sign up you need to pay 0.03 bitcoin to upgrade to level 1. Once you have done this you need to recruit 2 friends or contacts to join under you the same way and they do the same by finding 2 new people to sign under them, this is how your network grows.
How do you earn money in Zarfund:
Once you sign up your first 2 people you receive 2 x 0.03 Bitcoin = 0.06 bitcoin
You then need to upgrade to level 2 by paying 0.05 Bitcoin
You will then receive 4 x 0.05 Bitcoin = 0.2 Bitcoin
You then need to upgrade to level 3 by paying 0.1 Bitcoin
You will then receive 8 x 0.1 Bitcoin = 0.8 Bitcoin
You then need to upgrade to level 4 by paying 0.2 Bitcoin
You will then receive 16 x 0.2 Bitcoin = 3.2 Bitcoin
You then need to upgrade to level 5 by paying 1 Bitcoin
You will then receive 32 x 1 Bitcoin = 32 Bitcoin
You then need to upgrade to level 6 by paying 2 Bitcoin
You will then receive 64 x 2 Bitcoin = 128
This is the earning if each level is full and the members in your down line have upgraded to the relevant level. For example, for you to receive from a level 3 downline member you have to of upgraded to level 3 and they also need to be on level 3. In order to keep the system fair there is a rule that you cannot receive from a level if you have not paid to that level in your up-line so there is no chance of members receiving money and running away …. you must pay up to receive from below. Once you are on a level your payment becomes monthly in the same way you can receive monthly. In summary, there is a potential income of 164.26 Bitcoin with a maximum payment of 3.38 Bitcoin based on your network growth.What is Bitcoin
Bitcoin is a Crypto currency or virtual currency that does not belong to any country so it is not influenced country politics. Bitcoin is traded publicly. Bitcoin was created around 2008 and start trading @$0.02 and is now trading at over $1000/bitcoin. The bit coin price could double in the next few years. This make Bitcoin a healthy investment. Your bitcoin is collected in a “bitcoin wallet” online. This is like your personal bank account. Zarfund uses www.blockchain.info due to the verification systems for our safety.How do you use Bitcoin
Bitcoin can be used like any other currency. You have the following methods
1. Transfer your bitcoins to a trading account that works in your country to sell your bit coins and transfer to your bank account.
2. Find a secondary wallet that has a visa card attached. Transfer your Bitcoins to the secondary wallet and use your visa card to make purchase and withdraw money in the relevant currency
How do I get Bitcoin
Find a Bitcoin trading company that deals in your currency, transfer money to your trading account and buy bitcoin. Once you have the required amount of bitcoin transfer them to your Blockchain wallet.Who are we at Zarfund A-Team:
We a group of people drive to success, we work as a team to assist the whole team to grow and be successful. When joining our team you will get assistance with setting up of accounts and support to get you started marking Ideas and links to help promote.

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